MEDIVAC - An ALS ambulance service provider based in Harlan, Iowa
- Serving all of Shelby County, Iowa and beyond!

Medivac Long Distance Emergency Transportion Service

Specializing in LONG DISTANCE medical transportation

No destination too far
Affordable, Case-by-Case fee negotiation


When medical air transportion is not an option due to price or weather constraints, consider MEDIVAC for your critical care medical transport needs! Short or long distance transports available staffed by critical care paramedics.

State Certified Critical Care Paramedics

On-ambulance ventilators available for Specialty Care Medical Transports Special-event medical stand-by Call us to find out about contracting with MEDIVAC to staff first aid/ and ambulance stand-by services for events such as sporting events, concerts, city festivals, auto racing and more.

Community Services

MEDIVAC performs complementary EMS standby services for public school sporting events and offers complimentary ambulance demos to promote community education. We also support local volunteer fire departments.

CPR Classes

If you would like to hold a community CPR education class, contact us!

Career Opportunities

Contact us to find out about job openings for Paramedics, EMTs and Critical Care Paramedics University of Iowa paramedic/critical care paramedic tuition assistance and employment placement for graduates!

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